There are things you have to do frequently.

So you want to do sports at least every 3 days and you want to go to the hairdresser every 4 weeks, for example. You also want to give yourself a treat and so you want to dine out with your sweetie every 2 weeks and have a massage every 1 or 2 month. Equally you have to do the laundry at least once a weak, vacuum every 4 days and take out the trash routinely. That’s quite a lot to remember, right? 

Because of that we have developed redo! remind you for those ordinary things. And the best thing about it is that you can do that as easy as pie!

Super easy to use

Enter a label, an interval, done! From now on redo will remind you cyclically of whatever you want. And if you have done your task prematurely just tap on “just done” and redo will start at the scratch.  



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