DrinkMe is your personal Drink Coach. He will support you by doing the most important task in your life: to drink!

DrinkMe reminds you to drink enough so that you will be more comfortable and concentrated. Come and see for yourself. Get DrinkMe for your iPhone.

Drinking water is important, everybody knows that. But remind to drink enough is not so easy. The job, the study, the school and all the ordinary tasks distract us to much. But for these tasks we need much water because drinking enough means more vitality, concentrativeness and power!  




intuitiv Intuitive

You will get along with DrinkMe immediately. He was developed in close collaboration with several testers with various condition of life. It don’t matter if you’re an office worker, student, pupil or sportsman. DrinkMe was made just for you!

motivierend Motivating

You will be motivated with several Achievements you can unlock. For example there are Achievements whose you have to drink enough in multiple days in a row. Will you gain every star?

individuell Individual

You can set up your target of the day accurate to a milliliter. Furthermore you can setup an period for the day where you want to get notifications from DrinkMe and you can choose the distance of notifications between 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours. Furthermore you can choose a distance of half an hour. Of course you can even set up your lists for drinks and volumes.

praktisch Convenient

All your inputs will be stored with chronological in the report view. So e.g. you can easily check up whether you drink enough and you can see how much you have drunk on which day.

blitzschnell Lightning

In the input view you can either fill in your drink and volume individual or you can use the OneTouch functionality of DrinkMe. There you can choose with one touch one of your last three drinks.  

All functions

  • Clear start screen with all necessary information
  • Displays the amount of water you drunk today in ml (or fl.oz.)
  • Displays the amount of water you drunk today in %
  • Displays motivation messages
  • Chronological report of all inputs
  • PDF Export of the report
  • Entries can be edited, deleted or entered afterwards
  • Achievements which you can unlock by drinking enough
  • Input view with “Individual Input” and “OneTouch Input”
  • Drink and Volumes list can be adjusted
  • Supported measures: ml and fl.oz.
  • Notification can be turned on and off
  • Notification period arbitrary
  • Notification distance selectable between: 0.5, 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours
  • 10 different notification sounds integrated
  • Notification message is arbitrary
  • Notification adapts to your last drink. So DrinkMe never reminds you to early to drink anymore
  • Sending a message to the developer is possible
  • Notification doesn’t need a connection to the internet
  • Maximum range of functions, no additional In-App purchases required
  • Every update with function extensions will be free for everyone.
  • None annoying ads


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