The administration of your pets beautiful and easy as never before. Nothing but the best for your sweethearts, with petu!

Petu is the place to go for everything around your pets. Appointments, notifications, weight control, picture gallery or small notes – petu has everything you need!  




intuitiv Intuitive

We’ve made a point making petu easy to use. Everything is only a few taps away. Every functionality is ready to use without getting lost in the app.

startklar Unlimited

You can use petu with as many pets as you like, there is no limit! Every pet gets his own page on the start screen with own informations and functions.

aufmerksam informative

On the next vet’s appointment you hold every necessary information in your hands: Weight, birthday, allergies and with own notes even every appreciable events and the date when it occurred.

zuverlässig Reliable

Petu reminds you for appointments or routinely tasks, e.g. shear your dogs fur, replace the UV lamp in your terrarium or the annually checkup for vaccine protection. As you can enter your own notifications everything is possible.

praktisch Convenient

Track important events by using the integrated weight control, note list or calendar.

All functions

  • Clear start screen with all necessary information of all pets
  • Information about your pets: Name, sex, birthday, species, breed, identification number
  • Listing your pets allergies
  • Unlimited own information (e.g. „castration: yes/no“)
  • Notifications with arbitrary interval (e.g. annually vaccination)
  • Calendar for appointments
  • Weight control (provided measures: g, kg, and lbs)
  • Note list
  • Picture gallery with export functionality
  • Administration of unlimited pets
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter
  • Possibility to send a message to the developer
  • Notifications don’t need a connection to the internet
  • Maximum range of functions, no additional In-App purchases required
  • Every update with function extensions will be free for everyone.
  • None annoying ads


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