Pilly! is your personal birth-conrtrol pill reminder. With Pilly! you can forget the oblivion.

Pilly! reminds you to ingest your pill so that you have more time to enjoy life to the full – certainly protected ;-)
Come and see for yourself. Get Pilly! for your iPhone.   




intuitiv Intuitive

You will get along with Pilly! immediately. She was developed in close collaboration with several women. We have integrated everything you need and no unnecessary functions – Keep it simple!

individuell Individual

You can set up the time when you want to ingest your pill, even individual for every weekday. Furthermore you can choose between two packaging sizes (21 and 28 pills). You can even set up the message for the notification.

zuverlässig Reliable

Do you want to be notified only once or every 15, 30 or 60 min.? No prob! By the way, Pilly! is merciless and stops notifying you only when you have ingested your pill.

aufmerksam Considerate

Pilly! doesn’t only reminds you to ingest your pill, she also shows you whether you’re protected or not. Furthermore Pilly! shows you your number of blisters. Forgot to get new pills? Not anymore.

startklar Ready for take-off

You’re already in the middle of your cycle? Don’t worry. You can easily adjust the day of cycle. Therefore you can use Pilly! right now.

praktisch Convenient

All your cycles will be stored with the most important information chronological in the report view. So e.g. you can easily check up when you had your last period. You can also add small notes for every cycle.  

All functions

  • Clear start screen with all necessary information
  • Different icons for pills (distinction of weekdays and so on)
  • Displaying status of protection
  • Displaying number of blisters
  • Supported packaging sizes: 21/7 and 28/0
  • Passcode Lock
  • Notification can be turned on and off
  • Notification time is arbitrary
  • Individual notification time for every weekday
  • Notification repeat selectable between: 15 min, 30 min, and 60 min. Optional no notification repeat possible
  • 10 different notification sounds integrated
  • Notification message is arbitrary
  • Day of cycle can be adjusted
  • Sending a message to the developer is possible
  • In your period the notification pauses automatically (21/7 pill)
  • Possibility to skip your period (21/7 pill)
  • In your period there is a calendar with the remaining number of days displayed (21/7 pill)
  • Notification doesn’t need a connection to the internet
  • Chronological report of cycles
  • Maximum range of functions, no additional In-App purchases required
  • Every update with function extensions will be free for everyone.
  • None annoying ads


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